Firm Overview

We are a full-service design firm characterized by a holistic approach and contemporary sensibility. Our philosophy is driven by a cutting-edge result rooted from a meticulously planned and executed conception. Through the personalized work we provide, we create a culture for each client at every stage of their life. At GRADE, we approach each project with precision working intimately with clients to realize the most authentic expression of an aesthetic idea. For us, design is more than the arrangement of formal elements. It’s the recognition of a uniquely articulated experience. Informed by practice and innovative by nature, GRADE is as curious about the possibilities of design as we are well-versed in it, and we are always pushing the boundaries of our trade. We are GRADE.

Our portfolio features an extensive array of global projects in the luxury retail, hospitality, residential and commercial realms — from a sustainable West Village restaurant to a private residence in Brazil to luxury retail spaces in Hong Kong and Dubai. At GRADE, we push conventional boundaries creating clean and informed spaces with a custom-eye and an ‘anything is possible’ approach. We believe in value and longevity — keeping a timeless watch on all applications of our work while still being experts on what’s meaningful in the world today. The most vital aspect of our firm is engaging a strong human approach to projects; the work must tell a story about a client’s lifestyle and create an aspirational experience through design. Our sense of aesthetic offers the most intriguing interplay between timeless elegance and cutting-edge innovation. We are masters of the modern, well-tailored aesthetic — always pushing the interaction between form and functionality.

Our craft is in line with our full-service process and encompasses design in its many realms. We come informed and curious. Thoughtful and strategic. Developing architectural plans and then flipping them upside down playing with all possibilities and outcomes. Pushing boundaries and going to great lengths to source the best materials for each purpose. We blend longevity with contemporary. Our team of designers are well-versed in the entire process — from drafting architectural briefs to selecting design fixtures to customizing finishes. Our Manhattan studio consists of a team of globally-minded players who live and breathe the ever-expanding design culture. Applying everyday notions and experiences from their evolving circuit, our firm is socially-educated to bring new form to an old space. Be it a private residence, a retail outpost, a piece of custom furniture or commercial space, we deliver premium design, precision, function and quality.